Jeopardy! A returning champion and two challengers test their buzzer skills and their knowledge in a wide range of academic and popular categories as they vie for a cash prize in the classic trivia game show of answers and questions. Series Game/Quiz Game Show/Educational/Topical Alex Trebek CBS Weekend News Veteran news anchors present up-to-date coverage of important events and headlining developments from all across the nation and around the world, including social, political, environmental and economical issues and more. News News News/Topical Reena Ninan Elaine Quijano CBS 3 News at 6 News News Information/Local Programming/Public Affairs/Topical Discover Wisconsin 8 Unique Wisconsin Cheeseburgers Covering everything from vacation ideas and fun facts to its rich history, culture and much more, viewers are presented with an exciting look at travel destinations and attractions from all throughout the state of Wisconsin. Series Sports Sports/Outdoor Shows/Nature Shows Ransom Black Dolphin Eric is approached by the FBI for help to convince a person who had been brainwashed by an internet predator to expose their identity before the perpetrator continues to provoke those who are vulnerable into harming themselves. Series Drama Drama/Crime/Suspense Luke Roberts Brandon Jay McLaren Nazneen Contractor Karen Leblanc Natalie Brown Briar May 48 Hours Killer App Two families share their personal accounts of how using the mobile chat app Kik led to dangerous consequences for their young daughters; Peter Van Sant has a convicted predator demonstrate how simple baiting teenage girls on the app can be. Series True Investigative/Documentary/Interview/News/Crime/Magazine/Topical Maureen Maher Peter Van Sant 48 Hours Portrait of a Killer A controversial California law could be used to release Daniel Marsh, who murdered two senior citizens and later described feelings of elation he experienced about the act, when he turns 25 years old after only spending six years in prison. Series True Investigative/Documentary/Interview/News/Crime/Magazine/Topical Jeff Reisig Victoria Hurd Matthew Soulier CBS 3 News at 10 News News Information/Local Programming/Public Affairs/Topical