Access "Top Entertainment Stories of the Week." Series Entertainment Entertainment/Interview/Entertainment News/Magazine/Topical Natalie Morales Kit Hoover Scott Evans Sibley Scoles Person of Interest Truth Be Told Reese finds his undercover operation is at risk of being exposed when he discovers that the latest POI shares a connection to his former colleagues at the CIA. Series Drama Drama/Sci-Fi/Crime/Technology/Thriller Jim Caviezel Michael Emerson Kevin Chapman Sarah Shahi Amy Acker Wrenn Schmidt Extra One of the longest-running entertainment magazines on TV features unique segments such as Rumor Control, with a parade of stars denying hearsay stories, and Couples News, specializing in celebrities' breakups, reunions, and short-term romances. Series Entertainment Entertainment/Interview/Entertainment News/Topical Mario López Comedy.TV Stand-up comedians, both established and on the rise, take to the stage to perform their side-splitting routines in front of a live audience and a home viewership, as they attempt to break through the ranks and earn national acclaim. Series Comedy Comedy/Topical/Standup Comedy