Good Morning America Saturday Series News News Jack Hanna's Wild Countdown Born to Guide Jack finds out what it's like to work in the wild; animals include African elephants, zebra, guanacos, hippos and wildebeest. Series Education Instructional/Nature/Zoology Jack Hanna Ocean Treks with Jeff Corwin Polynesian Perfection After Jeff sets out to Tahiti's South Pacific shores, he swims close to humpback whales; in the lush rainforests of Tahiti, Jeff learns about Tahitian vanilla and how it's gown; Jeff swims with various species of sharks. Series Nature Nature/Environmental/Family/Science Jeff Corwin Rescue Heroes What's Left Behind A couple and their dog need help after they get stuck in a tree while trying to escape a flash flood; firefighters take on a fire at an apartment complex, which forces resident to have to rethink that value of their belongings. Series Nature Family/Nature/Educational Ginger Zee Sheldon Yellen