Crime Strike Re-enacting the stories of people that have had to make life-or-death decisions in order to defend themselves, friends and loved ones against criminals, working to take back their cities to make them safe for everyone involved. Series True Reality/Crime/True Story Wayne LaPierre Real Green A look at the University of Massachusetts' permaculture project; Host Alex Paen discusses current photovoltaic research; viewers learn about water flow management; how to recycle wine corks. Series Nature Nature/Environmental Alex Paen Paid Program Sponsored television programming. Paid Other Home Shopping Judge Judy Bleach and Burglary!; Freeloading Friend Cries Assault! A woman who returned home one day to find all of her belonging had been stolen is sued by her landlord for breaking the lease on the apartment; a woman who lived rent free for 8 months sues for the return of her property after moving out. Series True Reality/Crime/Courtroom Judge Judy