Discover Wisconsin Covering everything from vacation ideas and fun facts to its rich history, culture and much more, viewers are presented with an exciting look at travel destinations and attractions from all throughout the state of Wisconsin. Series Sports Sports/Outdoor Shows/Nature Shows ABC World News Tonight with David Muir Veteran news anchor David Muir and the ABC News Team deliver reports on all of the important events and headlines from across the nation and around the world, covering social, political, environmental and economical issues. News News News/Topical David Muir America's Funniest Home Videos Thanksgiving is celebrated; a little league player moves the T-ball stand to slide into home base, while another doesn't reach the base and is dragged to it by his coach; two girls who are excited about their first day of school miss their bus. Series Comedy Comedy/Reality/Topical Alfonso Ribeiro America's Funniest Home Videos Clumsy people, fishing accidents and pranks are featured; a remote-controlled fake alligator pursues a woman while she lounges in a river. Series Comedy Comedy/Reality/Topical Alfonso Ribeiro Shark Tank A woman introduces her cosmetic bag design; entrepreneurs pitch their online boutique subscription shave club for ladies; entrepreneurs share their functional cat furniture designs; a mother provides dresses for moms with young children. Series True Reality/Business Barbara Corcoran Kevin O'Leary Mark Cuban Lori Greiner Sara Blakely Shark Tank A husband and wife duo pitches their dissolvable protein pack product; an entrepreneur presents his design to keep items safe; cousins share their way to keep a beer bottle cold; entrepreneurs present their healthy alternative to sweets. Series True Reality/Business Barbara Corcoran Kevin O'Leary Mark Cuban Lori Greiner Alex Rodriguez News 19 @ 10pm Late-breaking news events from around the world and the top stories of the day are presented by the News 19 Team, along with the latest business reports, sports scores, La Crosse area weather conditions and the forecast for tomorrow. News News News/Local Programming Scott Hackworth Heather Armstrong